About Me

My interest in photography started in earnest 3 years ago when I bought a Canon 7D to replace my point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot.  It wasn’t long before I upgraded to a Canon 5D III, together with a range of lenses including the stellar 70-200mm f/2.8. Although there is no doubting the quality of this setup, a friend subsequently introduced me to the world of Micro Four Thirds lenses. Having experienced the portability and versatility of Olympus cameras and lenses, I now shoot with the OMD EM1 and a range of lenses and other equipment shown below. I use various post-processing software packages, including Lightroom 5, the Nik Suite and Black & White Projects. I have a great interest in High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and use the Photomatix Pro 5 and Aurora packages to achieve the effects I’m looking for.  In addition to my interest in photography, I am currently a private tutor in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Prior to this, I was a primary school teacher for a total of 33 years, including 18 years as a Headteacher. I have taught in Gibraltar, Borneo and Germany as well as West Sussex. I have travelled extensively, including trips to Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Peru and Bolivia. Regrettably, most of these trips took place before my interest in photography developed.  I am married with 3 grown-up daughters and 7 grandchildren. The latter provide me with endless photographic opportunities as well as a lot of fun!  My website has only recently been launched and is gradually evolving. I will be continually adding images as they are taken and will add further ‘blogs’. My first blog is a brief explanation of HDR photography.  I am currently investigating adding a ‘Basket’ and a Paypal button for anyone who is interested in purchasing images. These are currently being offered as high quality downloads for you to print yourself, or prints on premium quality glossy or matte photo paper (20 x 25 cms or 13 x 18cms). If you are interested, please use the ‘Contact’ link on the Home Page to request further information and current prices. Each image has a reference number and caption; please use these when ordering. Please remember to click on the thumbnails to display a larger version of the image.

Equipment Used